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Title:    “The Vampire Code”

Author:    E.C. Adams  


Book Summary:

An Urban Fantasy Romance set in a United States where vampires are another oppressed minority in search of cultural acceptance, and featuring a ruling family that wants to change that – the Fiscards.

As part of their plan to connect with mainstream mortal America, when one of their own is unjustly accused of murdering a human, the Fiscards hire one of New York’s hottest young attorneys — a young woman by the name Aurora Lake — to stand by them in Vampire Court.

But not every vampire wants to be assimilated, and not everybody approves of the obvious attraction between Aurora Lake and the vampire Sebastian Fiscard.

As they struggle with their own feelings and with unseen, ancient forces trying to put a stop to their work — and to Aurora — will Aurora and Sebastian overcome The Resistance? And what about their resistance to what their own hearts, mortal and immortal, know to be true?


Author Bio:

A lawyer by profession, E.C. Adams started writing when she decided to take a break from her profession and focus more on her expanding family.

Born in Malta, a tiny island bang in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, she now lives there, but over the years, she’s lived in Italy (Rome), England (London) and Cyprus (Paphos).

She loves Greek and Italian food, and throwing lavish parties at home, where all guests are expected to bring a +1 or more.

“The Vampire Code” is her debut novel and the first book in a Series by the name “The Fiscard Vampires”.

Book Two will be published in 2013.


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This is how the book starts:

Sebastian Fiscard couldn’t have been older than thirty-five when he died. He sat across from me, wearing a crisp white shirt over dark blue pants and an air of barely contained impatience.

“Help me understand, Mr. Fiscard,” I said. “You want me, a human, to represent your brother, a vampire, in front of a jury of over four hundred vampires, in a murder trial in which the victim was human?”

The vampire sat absolutely still—not breathing, not doing anything, allowing me time to process the information—before he said, “Yes, Ms. Lake. That’s just about it.”


And here’s another teaser… can you feel the chemistry? (The narrator is Aurora):

“You can do it,” Sebastian told me, still bent double. “It won’t even hurt and if you think about it, it will make for a great story to tell your grandchildren some day.” He smiled. How could he smile with a dagger in his back?


I looked at Sebastian then, really looked at him. How many lives had he lived already? This must be a welcome adventure to him, something to kill the tedium of eternal life.


“Son of a bitch,” I whispered….



And this is what reviewers on and have said:

 “I rate this book as at least 5 stars because it blew me away!” AND “This book has all the moments and elements that we readers love about romance, paranormal and mysteries and this author is able to combine these elements in a way that works! People have tried to write this book for years and wonderfully for us, E. C. Adams has accomplished this.” (Heather – Age 42 , Female , Canada – on and

 ”One of the best indie titles I’ve read all year – fast paced, great characters, terrific plot twists!” (Christina – Ensconced in YA – Age 32, Female, St Louis, MO – AMAZON TOP 500 REVIEWER – on and

“This is a gripping book with a great love story and we are kept waiting for the next part of this awesome trilogy!”  (Farah – Age 27 , Female , Pretoria, South Africa – on


“The twists and turns that follow are unexpected and magical – a great beginning to a unique vampire trilogy.” (Author Sherry Stanfield – on


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