2013/07/01 – We’ve all been clowns – SHARE and WIN

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The fabulous Danielle from “Coffee and Characters” [ http://www.daniellecromero.blogspot.com ] is hosting a great “Summer Circus Blog Hop”, where the theme of the Blog Hop is… you guessed it… “The Circus”.

To win a copy of The Vampire Code, tell me the funniest thing that ever happened to you. The winner will be announced on the 12th of July 2013, based on how funny the story actually is, but also on how well it’s written in the comment box below.

So if you think you can write the funniest anecdote, drop me a line (or two, or three) and WIN!

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03/06/2013 – Casting the men in The Vampire Code – guess and WIN!

More than one person has asked me: “Who would you cast in the various roles in The Vampire Code?

Well, I put my female lead on the book’s cover, so that’s an easy one.

Sebastian, the male lead, was trickier. It took me months to find him. Then I came across a GQ photo shoot… and there he was. (The actor is actually called Ryan Mc Partlin.)

Sebastian close up Sebastian aka Ryan Mc Partlin 3 SEBASTIAN aka Ryan Mc Partlin 2

What do you think? Does he fit the bill?

And now for the COMPETITION!


Which of these actors should play:

1) “Andy” (Andrew Collins) – The illegal arts dealer

2) “Bill” (BIll Peterson) – Aurora’s ex-lover and mentor

3) “Alex” (Alexander Reubens) – Who used to be a Fiscard until the ’90s

Choose from:

A) Robert Downey Jr. Andy - aka - Robert-Downey-Jr

B) Ian SomerhalderAlex aka Damien aka Iam Somerhalder

C) Alec BaldwinBill - aka Alec Baldwin

Leave your entries in a comment box under this blog post for a chance to win some book swag!!!!

And feel free to leave suggestions with names of other actors/actresses who could play these or other roles in the book. This is a game… let’s play!


01/06/2013 – The Vampire Code officially published


After some days which I like to think of as my own, personal, “soft-opening” (so I don’t focus on the fact that I actually published the eBook early by mistake), “The Vampire Code” had it’s official launch yesterday.

There were blog-posts, guest-posts, reviews and other fun stuff – including some healthy book-pimping by the best book-pimps an author could ever hope to have.

Did I say “author”? Ohhhh… I like the sound of that…

Happy days ahead as I start to focus more on Book 2 in the Fiscard Vampires series.


12/05/2013 – Author interview – Meet author Sherry Stanfield

Temptation Unleashed  (The Temptation Trilogy, Book one)

I got to know Sherry by chance, online. We were both on the verge of publishing our debut novels, and we shared our personal experience with each other. We live in different time-zones, so it wasn’t easy, but we stayed in touch – because that’s what friends do.

It was therefore a given that we would, some day, interview each other. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my friend and fellow author: Sherry Stanfield:

What/who inspired you to start writing?  The idea of writing a book had come to mind several times through the years.  However, in early 2012, the idea resurfaced due to an actor.  Robert Pattinson is my inspiration.   One of the main characters is based off him.  The book is dedicated to him.

What is your favourite part of your book?  When Benjamin, the protagonist, completes his awakening into a revenant, it’s the point of no return.   He has to deal with the reality of his situation.  That turning point changes everything, including the pace of the book … temptation intensifies—sex, lies and danger.  The ultimate test begins.

When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?  Absolutely.   Naming your characters are almost like naming your children.  They’re always on your mind, and for me, in my heart.   The evil characters in my series have names that are very symbolic of their abilities.

Would you ever write a different genre? Certainly, I love writing.  I’ve only just begun.

What advice would you give inspiring writers?  Never give up … ever.   The process of writing a book, whether fiction or otherwise, is a process that many don’t realize.  It’s been an extreme learning process for me – writing, editing, rewriting, editing, marketing, publishing, social networking, etc.  But if you stay true to your dream, or in my case, inspiration, you will succeed.  Determination is the key!  Oh, and above all, be willing to laugh at yourself, it’s part of the learning process.

What made you come up with your book titles?   I was weary about using the word temptation in my series, as it’s used a lot with other books.  But ultimately, it was unavoidable.   It’s the essence of my entire series.  The title of each book in The Temptation Trilogy is/will be a representation of where the protagonist is along his journey to fulfill his destiny.

Who is your favorite character from your books and why? Benjamin, as his journey through temptation is one in which almost everyone will relate.   Though my series is paranormal fiction, his struggle in regards to love and life is very real.   Many who have read my book have become emotionally involved in Ben’s destiny.  *Laughing,* my friend hasn’t stopped badgering me to finish book 2.

If you could work with any fellow author, who would it be and why?  I have worked closely with Natalie Owens, author of An Eternity of Roses.   As a beginning author, she has been invaluable to me, as well as her sometimes co-writer Zee Monodee, author of Once upon a Second Chance.  I look forward to continuing that relationship.

Who are your top five authors/books?  I enjoy any book that creates emotion within.   I love paranormal and erotica most.  But essentially, I read to escape reality, so if an author can grab me so that I lose myself within their fictional world, I’m a fan.  If I fall in love with and/or cry with your character, I’ll read all that you write.  There are so many great authors in which to choose.   Who can pick just five?

I will be answering the same questions in an interview which will be appearing on Sherry’s blog [http://thetemptationtrilogy.blogspot.com/] in the coming days.

And check out her book trailer. (There’s a hunk with “Click to turn me on” on his chest… genius… you cannot miss it!)

06/05/2013 – Liebster Blog Award Nominee – oui, c’est moi!

I was honored by a nomination by Author SHERRY STANFIELD (Temptation Unleashed – published 2013) for the Liebster Blog Award organised by BecsBookBlog. Basically the award is a ‘get to know you award’ and the rules are as follows:


The Rules of the Award:
1.  Post eleven facts about yourself.
2.  Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.
3.  Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.
4.  Go to their page and tell them.
5.  Remember, no tag backs.
11 Facts About Me:
1.  I am a lawyer by profession
2.  I speak 4 languages
3.  I envy women who are ALWAYS in high heels
4.  I love the theatre and watching ballet at the theatre
5.  Those “home-baked” cookies I make for school? They’re from a caterer
6.  I love ice-cream
7.  I love Spanx
8.  Writing relaxes me
9.  Publishing stresses me
10. I dream of having a book I wrote turned into a movie
11. I dream of flying first class everywhere I go
11 Questions from my Tagger:

1.  What is your middle name? I don’t have one. My mother had a middle name she hated and refused to land me with one too

2.  Who is your favorite actor? James Franco

3.  What type of music do you prefer? Soft rock

4.  Where do you live? Malta (Europe)
5.  What is your favorite movie and why? “Pretty Woman”, because I love all Cinderella stories
6.  What is your greatest accomplishment? My daily juggling actwork, family, writing, publishing
7.  What is your favorite food? Pasta
8.  What frightens you? Getting seriously ill and being unable to care for my children is the only thing that frightens me
9.  Which do you prefer: blonds(es), brunettes or redheads? Brunettes
10. Rulebreaker or Rulemaker? Both
11. Reading preference: Fiction or Non-fiction? Fiction
Questions for my Nominees:
1. Whose your book boyfriend?
2. Now tell us the name of the boy/man who broke your heart….
3. Do you diet? If yes, what method do you use?
4. Lasagna or Burger with fries?
5. If you had to be stranded on a deserted island for 48hrs with plenty of fruit and fresh water for your survival, which famous person would you like to have stranded with you?
6. Why him/her?
7. If you could go back in time, what would you change about your life?
8. Would you like to be taller or shorter?
9. Have you ever been arrested?
10. Have you ever flown first class?
11. If you had to choose between a pink bedroom and a goth-black bedroom, which would you choose?
12. Spa or Adventure holiday?
11 Blogs I’ve nominated for the Liebster Award: (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)

1.  http://www.thecovercontessa.com/

2. http://kellyhashway.blogspot.com

3. http://cgiovanniwrites.wordpress.com/

4. http://www.whatsbeyondforks.com/

11. https://www.facebook.com/TheBooknatics?fref=ts (Ok… not strictly a blog, but I like their FB Page – and they cover books)



04/05/2013 – Ramblings of a PUBLISHED author ;-)

Yep… The Vampire Code is out of my hands and pending approval from Amazon, Smashwords and other retailers. I would like to thank anyone who supported this endeavour, and remind you all that the official publication date is 1st June 2013, when a small party will be held.

I’d also like to thank the people who have accepted to read an advance copy or feature me in an interview, thus giving the book some exposure.

Good luck “Vampire Code”… we had a great time together. xoxo (mommy)